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The Unsung Hero

Alison Roberts

The Unexpected Bride

Debra Ullrick

The Ultimate Betrayal

Michelle Reid

Wedlocked! A marriage in crisis…"I never meant to do it… she was just there when I needed someone… " Rachel and Daniel had three adorable children and a strong marriage – or so Rachel had always believed. But her happy life was shattered when she was told that Daniel had been having an affair.Then she realized that they'd been growing apart for years. Rachel wanted so much to save her marriage – but was it too late? Could she ever forgive Daniel, if he had committed the ultimate betrayal? By the author of House of Glass – winner of the Romantic Times Award for Best Presents Plus of 1994.

The Treasure Man

Pamela Browning

Finders, Keepers?When Chloe Timberlake agrees to look after the Frangipani Inn, her cousin's bed-and-breakfast, she expects to find the fabulous Florida inn of her youth–not a derelict mansion that could collapse around her if she so much as slammed a door. Soon-to-be live-in handyman Ben Derrick is also a shock. The golden boy of her teenage fantasies appears tarnished beyond repair.Tragedy, as Chloe soon learns, hit Ben Derrick so hard that he spent years drowning the pain. Unable to work as a salvage diver, he gave up hope of ever finding a pot of gold.Unexpectedly, Chloe gives him a second chance. Maybe this time he'll be able to keep the treasure he's found.

The Texas Ranger

Jan Hudson

Honor Bound OutlawSam Bass Outlaw knew from the first moment he laid eyes on Skye Walker that he had to get to know her. Although it wasn't going to be easy to get close to the beautiful blonde, considering the German Shepherd, the bodyguards and the overprotective brother. There was a mystery behind Skye's gentle exterior, and this Texas Ranger was bound and determined to figure it out.But Sam has to tread carefully. Skye's story could be the missing link in a cold-case file that he'd love to put to rest. Talking about her past was something Skye obviously didn't like to do, so should he leave well enough alone and concentrate on wooing her? Or should he push for the truth and do his duty as a Texas Ranger?Can Sam solve the case–and get the girl?Meet the Outlaws–a Texas family dedicated to law enforcement

The Sweetest Revenge

Emma Darcy

Power, passion, possession… Barbie Lamb is on a mission. The plan:1) Arrive at Nick Armstrong’s 30th birthday looking so fabulous his jaw drops.2) Use a fake identity to mask their past connection and seduce him.3) Leave him wanting more.Not in the plan:1) Fall back in love with the same guy who broke her heart years before.Nick can’t believe that the gorgeous woman before him is the same girl he once knew. But why is she using a different name? If she wants to play games…all right – he’ll play. But she’ll have to play by his rules…

The Summer Proposal

Judith McWilliams

A IS FOR ASTONISHED AND AGOGWhich were Julie Raffet's reactions when Caleb Tarrington, a most eligible–and wealthy–bachelor made his proposal! Caleb wanted a tutor for his newfound son–but was Julie interested in a temporary position?B IS FOR BOLD AND BREATHLESSCaleb's determination was hard to refuse. Yet the sophisticated single dad shied away from women dedicated to their jobs–and still he wanted Julie! Could he forget the past long enough to see the caring heart behind Julie's prim facade?C IS FOR CALEB!And for the charm that was nearly irresistible. Once the summer was over, would he offer Julie a permanent position–in his arms?

The Sugar House

Christine Flynn

KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER?Emmy Larkin could pinpoint the minute that her life changed–when so-called family friend Ed Travers sold part of her father's sugarbush acreage as payment on an overdue loan. And when Ed's son mysteriously arrived back in town, he set tongues wagging–and her heart pounding….Successful, handsome Jack Travers wanted to make things right between his family and Emmy's. But he didn't anticipate the stir he felt when he looked at the lovely, fiercely independent woman who saw him as her adversary. Could he make her see that there was more to their history than met the eye…perhaps even a future together?

The Stolen Bride

Susan Paul Spencer

'Twas Midsummer Night–when magic held sway…and Sofia Ahlgren dreamed of a deliverer to safeguard her from a blackhearted lord. Then, through the bonfires appeared Kayne the Unknown, who vowed to protect her, even at the cost of his very soul…!Though the dark raged within him, Mistress Sofia was his light. She alone made Kayne feel something of grace and innocence, blurring memories of war and bloodshed that haunted the depths of his being. But the bliss found under a summer moon could ne'er last forever, for keeping his beloved safe would mean a return to the heart of darkness that lay within him.

The Spanish Connection

Kay Thorpe

Sweet PersuasionLauren's visit to Callahora was purely to introduce her twins to the relatives they had never met. But Rafael de Quiros wanted his dead brother's sons to be raised in Spain, surrounded by their magnificent legacy. And he wanted Lauren to become his wife.Rafael had wealth, power, position – and the ability to inflame Lauren's senses. Never had she felt so powerless, nor so determined to resist… .