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Michael Oliver-Semenov

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Sunbathing in Siberia

Автор: Michael Oliver-Semenov,

Жанр: Путешествия и география, Биографии и Мемуары,

Серия: ,

Язык: en

served as the first poet in residence for , the magazine of cultural intelligence, and has since been published in a plethora of magazines and journals worldwide, including the , , , and . He is a freelance English teacher and occasionally contributes to the . About the Author Review With little knowledge of post-Soviet Russia, or its language; and without any survival skills, Michael has to adapt to the Siberian way of life. As Russia struggles to find its new identity, Michael too is forced to recreate himself, while finding the tools needed to live with parading nuclear missiles, wild bears, and a host of extreme dangers. Without aiming to be a survival guide, romance or autobiography, manages to be all of them and none. Told completely from the Trans-Siberian and a series of Russian jets, this is the story of a young British poet, who, after becoming engaged to his translator over 3500 miles east, embarks on a journey into the very heart of Siberia to marry his fiancée. However, in place of the desolate wasteland he expected to find, Michael discovers the side of Siberia little known outside of Russia. After 30 years of British rain, Michael has finally to learn the art of sunbathing, in the last place on Earth anyone would think to take a pair of flip-flops.

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